"Umngot" - India's cleanest and crystal clear river

 by Dr. Hardik Ramani

We often see photos that have to be praised for the purity of various places in the country and abroad and often we even see the purity and say what kind of purity it is to be in a foreign country. Looking at the various clean-cut beaches in the photo and the very blue sea, the clean roads inside the house, the various sources of crystal clear water like water and the mountains, we wonder if there is such cleanliness in our India and in such places. Even in our India. It is not that all this is happening abroad and there is no such place in India. Today we are going to take a fictional visit to the same place in India which you will know about and by looking at its photo you will also ask if this is really in India?

Meghalaya is a natural paradise of India

In the north-west of our India lies a beautiful and scenic state called Meghalaya. It is one of the so-called Seven Sisters of India. Today we are going to talk about a river in a village called Davaki, which is 75 km from Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya state. It is located on the Indo-Bangladesh border. The village is famous for its beautiful Umangot river, surrounded by picturesque Gentia hills and beautiful water with crystal clear water. When we go to this village, we have to go through mountain roads, valleys and ravines and along the way there are also many small villages with barely 15-20 houses and plenty of farmland. The cold wind that blows through this village road may remind you of a hill station.

An eye-catching trip to Davaki village

Most of the people are renting vehicles from Shillong to reach Davaki village and this road leading to the border of Bangladesh takes about two and a half hours to reach Davaki village. Although it is a good road, the mountain roads take a lot of time and the natural beauty of the mountains from above is very captivating. When we reach the village of Davki, the Umangot River, which flows between the Khasi and Gentia Mountains, seems to separate India and Bangladesh from the mountains. A cable bridge connecting India and Pakistan is built on this river which is used for trade and commerce.

The beauty of the Umgot river

The Umangot River is famous for its boat races which take place every year in the month of March-April but apart from that the attraction for the people is also boating in the river with small hoods in which people can see the bottom of the river in its crystal clear waters. Just watching. The Umangot River is a 15-20 feet deep river but due to its very clear water people can see the bottom of the river as if they were in the air. In principle, when the sun shines on this river, the river looks green, but when viewed from above, the river looks transparent like glass.

When to visit this river and place?

We all know that Meghalaya gets very heavy rains so the dry seasons are the best time to get a glimpse of the state and its beauty. To see the beauty of Umangot river, we should choose the month of November to April so that we can not only see but also feel the paradise on earth. As such a clean river cannot be seen in every corner of India, don't forget to take this privilege once in a lifetime.


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